Chemical analysis

Analysis is Quad-Lab’s core business, with over 20 years of experience and constantly changing equipment assets. We make it a point of honour to return reliable results within deadlines thanks to our motivated team of technicians.

Each technician deals with a sample from the start to the finish of the analytical process in order to preserve objectivity in all circumstances. Test reports are co-signed by the managers to prove their commitment to the results.

Sampling equipment

Quad-Lab offers a full range of sampling equipment available within 24 hours. Thanks to several supplier contracts, our stock is monitored and regularly renewed in order to avoid any out of stock situations. The technicians are also trained to manufacture certain supports, such as impregnated cartridges or bespoke scrubbing solutions, so that we can fulfil all your needs

Look at our safety sheets :Fiche sécurité rejets atmosphériques laboratoire Quad-Lab Essonne

Method development

Quad-Lab’s objective is to meet its clients’ needs as accurately as possible, especially when these are specific.
Via its service focussed on innovation, Quad-Lab:

  • Develops and validates bespoke analytical solutions
  • Works jointly with its clients in the framework of R&D projects
  • Is supported by a partner network in order to cater to all your issues

Quad-Lab is approved by the French Ministry for Research for research tax credits and innovation tax credits

Accompaniment and advice

Quad-Lab will accompany and advise you in all your analytical or chemical-related issues, even the most specific.

Furthermore, our laboratory is supported by a network of partners that are specialised in environmental measurements and checks.


It also has the following skill-sets:Développement solution analytique laboratoire


  • Health risk studies
  • Impact analyses
  • 3D modelling
  • Pollution capturing
  • Odour measurements
  • Bio-monitoring
  • Accompaniment during discussions with the French authorities (CARSAT, workplace inspection, inspection bodies, Works health and safety committees, DREAL, etc.)

The complementary nature of our activities is made available to you to solve various air-quality and environment-related issues.

The Quad-Lab laboratory is also part of the following networks :

Quad-Lab Chemical Analysis Laboratory