The growth of the electronic cigarette and the increased issues related to indoor air quality have led Quad-Lab to invest in the field of e-liquids

Thanks to our experience in environmental analysis, our laboratory has developed a range of specific solutions that cater to the needs of the sector’s industrials.

Why analyse your e-liquids ?

  • Analyse e-liquide cigarette laboratoire Quad LabKnow your products better
  • Guarantee their compliance with standards
  • Reassure consumers
  • Stand out / communication pitches
  • Prepare for future regulations
  • Solve a problem

Quad-Lab proposes turnkey packs depending on your needs:

packs clef en main

As an option, assistance in writing up your safety data sheets (SDS

What regulations:


  • Regulations relative to the notification of e-liquids containing nicotine notification.

REFERENCE: French standards XP D90-300-1, 2 and 3

  • They indicate the general requirements in terms of safety, information and packaging,

and propose analysis methods for e-liquids and their emissions (with or without nicotine).

e-liquide analyse laboratoire Quadlab

Need an e-liquid analysis?

Quad-Lab can also accompany and advise you in :

  • all your expertise formalities
  • your compliance checking
  • compliance with your specifications
  • production of bespoke solutions
  • development of bespoke analyses
  • writing up of SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

Finally, thanks to our air quality expertise, we can also help you with your occupational exposure issues.

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