Gas samples are all samples in the gas state at room temperature of which the samples are taken in bag, ampoule or canister type containers without any processing.

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The samples may come from gas bottles or be gas for medical use, the “gaseous” part of food packaging (the top part of a bottle of mineral water, the air in ham packaging, etc.), or the gas released by a material (a foam, a plastic, etc.) or a liquid (a fragrance, an oil).

Quad-Lab can analyse most gas samples and proposes:

The supply of containers to take samples of your gases depending on your requirements,

  • The design and manufacture of extraction devices to extract the gases from hermetic systems: spray cans, canisters, food packaging, heating, etc.
  • A full range of analyses for pure gases or mixed gases, for example such as:
  • the quantification of gaseous compounds: carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), etc.
  • the quantification of gaseous hydrocarbons: alkanes C1 to C5, alkenes,
  • the dosage of several specific gases: sulphur hexafluoride, greenhouse effect gases, freons, etc.
  • search without using a predefined list of volatile organic compounds (VOC): VOC screening
  • the calculation of parameters such as calorific value and density.

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