Biogases are gases obtained by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. They are mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, but can also contain smaller amounts of hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide or nitrogen.


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They are used for injection into the gas network or to be burned on site to produce heat and electricity. Their quality therefore needs to be checked regularly as the composition of biogases can change over time.


Biogases and bio-methane are gases that contain foul smelling and toxic compounds, or compounds that can generate equipment failures (hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, siloxanes, etc.). Their quantity must be checked before and after the treatment systems.

Quad-Lab has a full range of treatments suitable for biogases:

  • The supply of containers to take samples of your biogases
  • the assessment of the methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) levels
  • the quantification of the following gaseous compounds: CO2, N2, O2, H2, etc. and of gaseous hydrocarbons (alkanes C1 to C5, alkenes, etc.),
  • search without using a predefined list of volatile organic compounds (VOC): VOC screening
  • the calculation of parameters such as calorific value and density.

Caution : not all sample-taking equipment is suitable for all types of gas. Quad-Lab has tested the preservation of gases in different containers. Don’t hesitate to contact us to choose the most suitable one.

Quad-Lab is supported by a partner network so that it can propose a complete service covering anaerobic digestion

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