Laboratory analysis of biogases

Analyse biogaz en laboratoire essonne Quad-Lab

Biogases are gases obtained by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. They are mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, but can also contain smaller amounts of hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide or nitrogen

Gas sample analysis

Analyse Gaz laboratoire opératrice chimiste

These are all samples in the gas state at room temperature of which the samples are taken in bag, ampoule or canister type containers. The samples may also come from gas bottles or be gas for medical use, the “gaseous” part of food packaging, or the gas released by a material or a liquid.

Caution : not all sample-taking equipment is suitable for all types of gas. Quad-Lab has tested the preservation of gases in different containers. Don’t hesitate to contact us to choose the most suitable one.

Chemical analyses for gas

View the list of analyses the laboratory can carry out for gases :

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Gas analysis sample-taking equipment

View the list of sample-taking equipment available at the laboratory for gas analysis :

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