Icone Quad-Lab Laboratoire d'Analyses Chimiques

Since it was created in 1993, Quad-Lab has stood out for its heightened sense of service. For us, dialogue and communication inside our teams, with our clients, our suppliers and our partners is an absolute priority.

The respect of all stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees) and work well done are also fundamental values of our laboratory.

Our sense of respect goes hand in hand with our strict professional code of conduct. Quad-Lab conduct is, in all circumstances, governed by the rules of responsibility and transparency.

We expect faultless professional conduct from each member of our team.

The will to permanently progress at the heart of our quality of service

“Every day, and at each step in our processes, everything is done to guarantee our clients faultless quality of service. The growth of our business is entirely subject to our will to permanently move forward both in terms of analyses and in terms of associated services. “

Maria Ternard, Quad-Lab managing director


Quad-Lab Chemical Analysis Laboratory