Several measurements in the environment must be carried out by industrials depending on their (French) local authority orders (air, water, ground, plants, etc.).

analyse air ambiant laboratoire essonne

Air measurements are often recommended near industrial estates and in areas where there is odour pollution.

Quad-Lab proposes different analytical solutions to cater to these issues:

  • Dynamic sample-taking using tubes
  • Passive sample-taking (without a pump)
Analyse air ambiant opérateur HPLC Essonne
analyse air ambiant laboratoire nettoyage radiello

Radiello (passive sample-taking)

radiello prélèvement passif analyse air ambiant

This sample-taking method has several advantages :

  • the possibility of simply and quickly setting up a high number of measurements,
  • the dosage of the main pollutants such as ozone (O3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), or sulphur dioxide (SO2),
  • the identification of the compounds present in your sample without a predefined list (screening).    We also propose screening using a Radiello® 145 analysed by thermal desorption coupled to mass spectrometry to make it possible to search for traces of pollutants in your samples.

Thanks to its experience, QUAD-LAB can advise you on the most suitable sample-taking equipment and its exposure conditions.

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