A high number of workers are exposed to chemicals in their workplace that may cause severe pathologies. If order to guarantee the safety of workers in the workplace, it is becoming imperative to regularly check the levels of concentration of these dangerous pollutants in the air.

Exposition professionnelle analyse air Ile de france laboratoireOccupational exposure, also known as “workplace hygiene” or “workplace air” is one of the priorities defined by the French Ministry for Labour. Occupational exposure limit threshold values have therefore been officially defined in order to protect employees in the workplace.


Quad-Lab analyses all types of pollutant present in the most classic to the most complex professional environments using a wide range of sample-taking equipment that is validated in the laboratory prior to use.

Exposition professionnelle analyse air en laboratoire essonne

Quad-Lab mainly works as a subcontractor for design offices or inspection bodies in the framework of these regulatory measurements. However, we can also directly accompany industrials who wish to carry out extra measurements on their operatives throughout the year.

Quad-Lab proposes many analyses compliant with applicable standards (MétroPol, Niosh, Osha, Afnor), amongst which feature :

  • solvents such as acetonitrile, methanol, acetone, toluene
  • Carcinogens, mutagens, reprotoxics (CMR) such as carbon disulphide (CS2) or benzene
  • chlorinates such as trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene or vinyl chloride
  • mecaptans
  • phtalates, isocyanates


Quad-Lab is COFRAC accredited for a list of compounds. The scope of the accreditation can be viewed on www.cofrac.fr using accreditation reference N° 1-1578.

Quad-Lab Chemical Analysis Laboratory