Directed by Maria Ternard since 2010, Quad-Lab is a rapidly expanding, human scaled business. It currently groups together about fifteen people.

Equipe laboratoire Quad-Lab analyse chimie Essonne

Our analysis department

This department is our core business. Every employee has a specific mission:

Every employee has a specific mission :

Laboratory assistants receive and register samples in compliance with the clients’ analysis requirements

The chemist-technicians who are accredited for the requested analyses then analyse the sample and reprocess the results

Finally, the laboratory manager or their deputy checks the reports, validates them and sends them to the clients.

The laboratory: an autonomous and complementary team

“At Quad-Lab, the technicians work both autonomously and in teams, as they complement each other.   Each person is assigned a portfolio of analyses. Then each team member organises their work to meet the announced deadlines.

If there is a large amount of work, or if there is an emergency, the team has the capacity to take on extra workloads, since every technician is accredited for all the analyses and all the techniques. Our greatest satisfaction is to see processing lead times drop so that we often manage to deliver the analysis early! “

David Escudeiro, analysis department manager

Our customer department

The Customer Department has a central role in Quad-Lab.

Its mission is to :

Examine each client request and provide a solution within 24 hours

Give each client a customised service using a single contact throughout the mission

A privileged contact will be in charge of accompanying you in each phase, and will inform you in real time on:

  • the study of your needs in order to advise you on the most suitable sampling equipment and analyses
  • the drawing up of the quote
  • depending on the case, the shipment of the suitable sampling equipment
  • tracking the processing of your samples until they are analysed
  • sending your results
  • answering eventual questions following the analyses

Our Customer Department is also available for specific situations such as :

Emergency analyses

Depending on your requirements, it can examine a proposal for an emergency analysis (within less than 10 working days). These will be delivered within the announced deadlines in 100% of cases.

Non standard or bespoke analyses

If a type of analysis is not featured in the catalogue, a bespoke analysis proposal can be made. All questions concerning feasibility will be answered in under 24 hours.

Our Customer Department never leaves a client without a solution. If the laboratory is unable to fulfil a request, you will be directed to a laboratory or partner that can do so.

“Customer satisfaction is one of Quad-Lab’s fundamental values”

Julie Langlet, Customer Department manager

Our Quality, Safety, Environment department

The Quality, Safety, Environment department caters to several functions required to correctly develop our laboratory’s activities.

It is in charge of :

  • Supervising the QSE system by deploying inspection and prevention tools to guarantee permanent quality monitoring and improvement;
  • Supporting and reinforcing Quad-Lab’s technical resources via an organised set of documentation that meets the organisation’s needs as closely as possible;
  • Protecting Quad-Lab employees and raising their awareness, as well as that of the external contractors working on its site.

The staff’s expertise and commitment also makes it possible to support a reliable and effective QSE system.

“This job allows me to see all the business’s activities and to be close to people. I work to keep them safe and to guarantee that our procedures and environmental charter are respected. It is a permanent dialogue in which everyone has an active role. This communication is essential and coherent with our business’s policies.”

Marie-Ève Ehrsam, Quality, Safety, Environment manager


Our innovation department

Quad-Lab’s objective is to constantly offer its clients new analyses and new services.

To achieve this, the innovation department:

  • Develops and validates analytical solutions that meet its clients’ specific needs;
  • Works jointly with its clients in the framework of R&D projects;
  • Enriches its offers by regularly proposing the analysis of new compounds;
  • Simplifies or improves sampling processes by developing new solutions;
  • Anticipates its clients’ needs by actively undertaking technological and regulatory watch activities (through the participation in technical conferences and different standardisation groups).

QUAD-LAB is approved by the French Ministry for Research for research tax credits and innovation tax credits.


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“Innovation is a field that requires versatility and a significant capacity to take on challenges. Finding solutions to best help clients, developing new solutions, participating in change and interacting with all Quad-Lab stakeholders (internal departments, clients, suppliers) are truly motivating and essential missions.”

Aurélie Bierry, innovation manager


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