In the air sector, Quad-Lab mainly works in the following sectors of activity:

Atmospheric releases

In order to comply with regulations on the emission of specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs), industrials must have measurements taken by competent inspection bodies.

Occupational exposure

Also known as “workplace hygiene” or “workplace air” is one of the priorities defined by the French Ministry for Labour. Occupational exposure threshold values have therefore been officially defined.

Indoor air

We spend more than 80% of our time indoors. The constant improvement of the effectiveness of insulation systems means it has become essential to renew the air regularly in order to prevent pollutants from stagnating inside our buildings.

Surrounding air

Air measurements are often recommended near industrial estates and in areas where there is odour pollution. Quad-Lab proposes different analytical solutions to cater to these issues.

You are a private individual ?

Did you know that indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air ?

If we can filter the water we drink, filtering the air we breathe is not possible. In fact, furniture, household cleaning products, paints and many other standard consumer goods release volatile organic compounds that pollute our indoor air.


Discover the list of analyses the laboratory can carry out for air :

Chemical analyses for air

Discover the list of analyses the laboratory can carry out for air:

Picto pdf Quad-Lab atmospheric release analyses

Picto pdf Quad-Lab occupational exposure analyses

Picto pdf Quad-Lab surrounding air and indoor air analyses

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